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McAnim Limited

your Dream Building Becomes A Reality

McAnim Limited is a one-stop shop and service provider for all your building construction needs.

At McAnim Limited, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service and relation. We offer a free consultation service irrespective of how long we spend with the client. For us, spending time getting the design right and meeting the needs of the clients are critical to the success of the project.

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Each step of the project is carefully thought out for safety and day to day comfort.

Exterior Design​

A home design is a matter of personal taste which is in harmony with your neighborhood.

Furniture Design​

Deliver on trend furniture ranging from bedroom, kitchen, homewares, living and dining

Master Planning

Provides a comprehensive look at where a site is today and what it's going to take to make its ideal future a reality.

Landscape Design​

Integrating a wide variety of elements to achieve functional and beautiful spaces for outdoor living.

Site Planning

Accessing a potential site through a thorough site analysis determining optimal and best location.

Interior Design​

Enhance the interior of a building by achieving a more aesthetically pleasing environment.

Fast Track Project

Project delivery strategy that starts building before the design is complete, if done properly can save a considerable costs.